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If I ended up half as talented, brilliant and beautiful as Josie Lawrence, that’d be great.




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So I decided I should maybe do this some time ago, and then I hit 1k and I was like, maybe I should do it now. So here you go.

Everyone bellow are ace blogs who either I’ve chatted with, befriended or I just absolutely love. I recommend you check them all out.

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abaddonrising, acklesism, angelchatter, archcasasspala, bluestiel, bobbysiingerr, bumblebeecas, bumblecas, cas-asscascountingfreckles, casgoeshomecaskisses, castielmiltoncastielneedsdean, castielthelord, charliesqueenclarasity, closetdean, croowleydeanovak, deansubsdeanversedestielsarmy, dragonrayne

♡ F-J ♡ 

fairy-fighterfallstiel, felishdayforeverdeansangelgabrielsbuttgabrielsweets, huntersandangel, i-o-u-an-assbutt, jarpalajavvn, jensenalcklesjensun

♡ K-O 

kaestiel, kastiel, listencasllamacastielluciferises, majestielmegscrownmeupclose, nerdcasofpurgatoryomfgcas

♡ P-T ♡ 

padacklecki, pastrymishaplaidalackiplaidstielpurifyingtrialpxndsquietcasrebelcasriseoflucifersamandril,

♡ U-Z 

ughdestiel, ughjacklesunfcastiel, watchingpornwithcas, weepstielwhispersinpurgatory, willgrahamsfallwinchestire, wowcas

hopefully I didn’t miss anybody

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